Wood Synthesis Contracted Projects

If a customer of Wood Synthesis (i.e., Synthesis, LLC) is not satisfied with a contracted product that meets the design parameters agreed upon before the work was started, Synthesis, LLC will refund labor costs for the product.  Any previously agreed upon (with the client) purchases of products and materials to produce contracted items and functional art will not be refunded.


Wood Synthesis Repairs

In some cases, as an example writing pens, if the piece doesn’t work properly the customer can return it for repair.  If a customer damages an item and it can be repaired they should contact me to discuss how much it would take to repair the item and if terms are agreed upon Wood Synthesis would provide the repairs.


Wood Synthesis and Synthesis, LLC Conflict Resolution

Lonnie believes in showing respect to you, his client and customer, and expects that you will do the same for him.  This will allow amicable resolutions to issues or disagreements that might arise in our work together.


In all cases, whether for coaching, consulting, training or the manufacture of products contracted or sold from Synthesis, LLC, Lonnie will find a reasonable way to remedy the situation to maintain customer satisfaction.