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Lonnie Hurst started out with a knack for art and design in high school and participated in some unique projects there. In 1968 Lonnie moved to Arizona and started at Arizona State University in the College of Architecture. The following year he changed his major and moved to the College of Engineering, School of Technology, and majored in Industrial Design. Before he finished his B.S. from Arizona State University he was teaching industrial project management along with wood and metal shop classes.

After college he went to work at AiResearch Manufacturing Company, as a technical writer and graphic artist where he designed engineering proposals, product documentation and trade show displays and handouts. In 1979 he became the Coordinator of Research for the Arizona State University College of Engineering and one of his roles was the design and development of marketing materials for the College’s expansion to a new Research Park. From 1982 to late 1984 he owned Synthesis, a marketing and engineering documentation-consulting firm. In 1984 he became the Manager of Public Relations and Marketing Services for Garrett Pneumatic Systems and led the design and development of aerospace engineering marketing materials, trade show displays, etc. In 1989 he was hired by Motorola and while there led the development of community outreach marketing, advertising and communications including print, media and television advertising.

Lonnie has always been handy working with tools whether in making and fixing things around his homes, working on motorcycles, and making unique art projects for his family. In 2010 Lonnie decided to build a wood shop in his home in San Jose, California. Shortly thereafter he became a wood turner. Over the next four years he got better as a wood turner. He joined the Silicon Valley Wood Turners and the West Bay Wood Turners and won several awards for his turnings.

Lonnie has been fortunate that most of his wood turnings sold well or were high bidding items at community service organization fund-raising auctions where he donated numerous items each year. Since 2012 Lonnie has also taken on numerous contracted wood turning projects each year and has had very happy clients.

Lonnie is currently a member of the following organizations related to his art:

American Woodturners Association (current)

Arizona Woodturners (current)

San Tan Artists Guild (current)

Silicon Valley Wood Turners (past)

West Bay Woodturners (past)







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